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What does this Abarth and Ferrari 599 have in common?
26th March 2018

It was exactly situations like these which birthed the Abarth Ferrari 'Dealer Edition'. Originally this supermini was designed to be a courtesy vehicle for Approved Ferrari Service Centres. Ferrari ordered 200 of these Abarth’s with only 60 being RHD. This example is 189 out of 200. This little Abarth was so well received from Ferrari customers that examples were sold to important clients rather than being used for their intended purposes. It may well have been the case that these two Italian rarities were stablemates once before.

With such an interesting history including two of Italy's most historic manufacturers, there is no denying the significance of this exceptional Abarth. To have the opportunity to purchase one with only 8,368 miles may not come again. We recommend acting fast.

Please follow the link for our Abarth 500 ‘Dealer Edition’'Dealer-Edition'---5-Speed-Manual/12800.htm



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